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We had our Graphic Designer, Laura, review the new KEVIN.MURPHY SHIMMER.ME BLONDE so you could learn more about this repairing shine mist for lightened and blonde hair.

What’s your hair type?

Blonde/ash, straight, fine hair.

What did you know about the product before you used it?

I knew it was used to add shimmer and shine to my blonde hair.

What do the directions say?

Spray lightly on towel-dried hair or dry hair. Do not rinse.

Did anything surprise you? 

It is a nice, light mist. If you don’t spray far enough away, it can make your hair look greasy. I recommend spraying onto your palms the first time and then applying to the ends to control how much product goes onto the hair.

What does it smell like?

It smelled a bit like hairspray and a hint of male aftershave.

What is the consistency or color of the product? 

Soft, cloudy lavender.

What does it feel like in your hair?

It’s nice and soft if you spray at least 8 inches from your head. If you get too close to the hair, it can feel greasy.

What change did you notice after using it?

I got quite a few comments that my hair was shiny!

Who or what would it be good for?

It would be good for a night out on the town or a celebratory outing.

Would you use it again?


Repair and add shine to shine to lightened, highlighted and blonde shades with KEVIN.MURPHY SHIMMER.ME BLONDE, now available at The Style Garage.

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