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Why Should I Join Green Circle Salons?


Salons in the U.S. and Canada generate enough waste to rival the weight of the Statue of Liberty, churning out 421,206 pounds daily.

Green Circle Salons was founded in 2009 to provide salon-specific green strategies to combat the effects of this waste. KEVIN.MURPHY, the first Gold Level Partner at Green Circle Salons, doubled their number of GCS participants in 2016 for a total of 244 salons on track with green initiatives. Will your salon be part of the change?

When a salon becomes environmentally conscious, they attract a growing audience of socially conscious buyers. Customers want to purchase products that are safe for their bodies and for the environment, so keeping earth-friendly products and promoting sustainable initiatives is a great way to boost sales. Going green is not a fad, it’s a necessary practice each salon should adopt to keep clients.

KEVIN.MURPHY’s passion for the environment makes the partnership with GCS an easy choice for salons already selling the brand. The company is making great strides in aligning itself with an eco-conscious vision and Green Circle Salons perfectly aligns with that.

The green strategy at GCS helps a salon or spa: (1) Be Green, (2) Build a Green Change Purse, (3) Save Money, and (4) Gain Clients.

Be Green

With GCS, salons can achieve 85 to 95 percent waste diversion overnight. The salon’s waste is picked up in one of two ways:

1. GCS personnel visits the salon on a fixed collection schedule (based on salon size or need) to collect all materials for salons in the local pick-up zones.

2. GCS provides standard shipping boxes that salons use to place their materials. They schedule a transport partner to pick up the box within 24 hours by calling or emailing when it fills up!

Build a Green Change Purse

When a salon commits to GCS, $1 is put back into GCS funding, while any remaining amounts are added to their “Green Change Purse” that can be used by the salon to reinvest in other green initiatives like lighting, heating, etc.

Salons can opt for a $99.95 one-time membership fee or add an extra $50 for a $149.95 one-time membership fee where their salon is featured on the KEVIN.MURPHY Salon Locator and they can use KEVIN.MURPHY Salon Rewards points for initial setup fees.

Save Money

Use the “Green Change Purse” on waste reduction opportunities. A healthier, more energy efficient salon saves money, which equals happy staff and customers!

Gain Clients

Partnering with GCS places salons on the Green Salon Directory and in the My Green Salon app to attract green-minded customers.

While partnering with GCS, KEVIN.MURPHY salons alone saved 110,000 pounds of waste in 2016 and are on track to divert 160,000 to 180,000 pounds of waste this year.

Be proactive, reduce your waste, and become an eco-conscious salon. Visit the Green Circle Salons website, select “Join Our Movement,” and complete the “Get More Info” form.

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