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We're Loving Gray


By Erin Gignac

Embrace the gray! Silver hair has recently been seen on Kelly Osbourne, Rihanna and Lady Gaga, and is a fan favorite on Pinterest and Instagram, where those looking for an icy white color can find the perfect inspiration to bring to their stylist. It makes for a very easy color-changeover for blonde clients who want to try something trendy.

How to Get It
If your client’s hair isn’t naturally gray and they’d like to get this done, let them leave it to a professional. Sure, it’s easy for your clients to find box kits at the store, but make sure you stress that this type of color involves lightening to get the right shade. For blonde clients, choose a light silver, like Lady Gaga. Brunettes would look gorgeous in a charcoal color like Kelly Osbourne.

How Does Gray Hair Happen?
Some people begin to see silver hair sprout in their late teens while others may not experience the gray until their 30s, 40s or 50s. The gray strands represent an absence in pigment. In fact, all hair starts out gray or white before it grows out from underneath your scalp. Your hair gets its color from your unique ratio of dark and light melanin, a type of pigment. As hair forms and grows out, special cells called melanocytes inject pigment into the keratin before it grows out.

Depending on age, hormones and genetics, your melanin is reduced, thus reducing the melanocyte activity. If your parents started graying at a young age, chances are that you will too. You can also go gray earlier due to stress, diet or illness.

How to Treat
Some people choose to rock this gorgeous look, trendy or not, because their hair is naturally turning gray. First of all, let us just say that you’re awesome. In that case, if you love the look and want to keep the gray, you will need some products to maintain bounce, body and shine. Choose a volumizing shampoo and a moisturizing conditioner. Other clients may choose to color their hair away from gray, which is also great. Just make moisture a main goal for your hair, as coloring dries your strands out.

Factors like diet, illness and stress may cause a Vitamin B deficiency, which is a known cause of gray hair. To combat those unruly few strands, try a Vitamin B supplement or just some fresh air to calm your mind!

If you’re coloring your hair to go silver, make sure you use a color-safe shampoo and conditioner that won’t take the shine, volume or beautiful shade out of your hair.

Whatever kind of hair you have, wear it proudly. If that involves color treatment (whether you’re dying it away from gray or to gray) or wearing it naturally, more power to you! When it comes to your hair, confidence is beautiful. 

Erin Gignac covers stories for The Style Garage.You can follow her on Twitter and find more of her work here

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