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LEARN.ME is the most important class a salon will ever see. It is an exclusive tour into everything that KEVIN.MURPHY stands for. Classes that centre around products usually become just that; a class about products. LEARN.ME is, most importantly, about understanding who we are and how and why this makes our product so unique.

The culture, core principles and philosophies behind KEVIN.MURPHY are imperative for salons who have decided to partner with KEVIN.MURPHY. We believe that discussion on product is more than the liquid in the bottle. It’s in our stories, culture and history!

OUTCOMES: Be well versed in the Three Core Principles of KEVIN.MURPHY, product cocktailing / layering suggestions, understanding the culture and passion behind the creation of the brand and how to comfortably recommend product to your clients, therefore, increasing loyalty and driving your business forward.

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED FOR: Salons and stylists new to the KEVIN.MURPHY range

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