TONER Opener


  • SKU: KMD038
  • Size: 5 pc.
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ROSE.TONER 3.3 oz.
JADE.TONER 3.3 oz.

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Updated Swatch Panel
Tent Card

STONE: Delivers a cool brown-grey tone, counteracts warm orange tones to create caramel shades, highly suitable for men’s color.

ROSE: Adds a dense, pastel rose-pink shade to blonde hair, perfect for personalizing reds or coppers, can be mixed with NATURAL or BEIGE to create a soft baby doll pink.

JADE: Adds a pastel jade tone to blonde hair, counteracts red-orange tones from the hair creating natural to caramel blondes, can be mixed with NATURAL to create soft peppermint shades.

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