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What in the Hair Just Happened?!


By Jane Wells

I went in pursuit of embarrassing hair stories from my friends and they did not disappoint. Read on for everything from traumatizing haircuts to hair-snatching grandmas.

When I was going to be a freshmen in high school I went in for my back to school haircut. I was so excited to get the "Rachel" (Jennifer Aniston's famous haircut during Friends) and I had done extensive research to find the perfect picture! I found one in the “Clip & Snip" section of a hairstyle magazine. The stylist that was cutting my hair kept saying how brave I was and that I was going to be a trend setter. Being an awkward teen I just kept laughing nervously. Before I knew it, I felt a clipper graze the back of my head. I pulled away asking her what she was doing and she showed me the backside of the Jennifer Aniston picture. It was a very short pixie cut! I started crying when she stated there was nothing more she could do but finish the cut. I started my first day of high school with hair shorter than most of the boys in my class. And that, my friend, is why I'm a cosmetologist!
-Kayla, 31

The summer before my freshman year of high school a defective curling iron burnt off all of my bangs. I clamped it on the hair, went to pull it back to curl, and instead of curling the hair under it pulled clean away with all my bangs. Let’s just say it was not a fashionable way to start high school.
-Amanda, 32

My family always jokes that my grandma invented the pompadour hair style. She has been doing it since before I was born- she’s 86 and still does it to this day. Funny part is, she steals people's hairballs from their brushes and saves the hair to make a huge hairball that she uses in her own hair to make the "bump" in hers seem more full. She keeps the hairball in a drawer in the bathroom with her makeup!
-Mary, 33

I was at a conference and a vendor was selling electric hair clippers. The woman next to me said, “Oh, listen to how quiet these are,” and put the running clippers up to her ear. She shaved off a large portion of her long hair. I LOL’ed.
-Megan, 35

Shortly before I interviewed for my current job, I got an ombré hair color- fluorescent red. My company is a little conservative, especially compared to my previous employer, so I got it in my head that I needed to cover it up for the interview. I opted for a spray-in aerosol in black. It looked fine, but I have a nervous tic whereby I run my fingers through my hair, and I really wanted this job. I left black fingerprints on EVERYTHING including the white leather car seats of the relocation-assisting real estate agent showing me around town, white desk of the HR rep, white table in the interview get the idea. I was freaking out, but I must have been the only one who noticed or cared because I got the job.
-Ashley*, 31

When I was 5ish, I went to get a haircut at the local salon. I hated my haircut so when we got home and my mom was taking a nap, I decided to "cut my own bangs because I'm a big girl!" So I ended up with lopsided, barely-there bangs. Then I decided my stuffed bunny rabbit, Harry, needed a matching hair cut so I cut his bangs too. Mine grew back (which my mother was grateful for), but Harry has been stuck with that awful haircut for going on 28 years.
-Alicia, 33

The summer before 8th grade, my best friend and I took hair care into our own hands. We searched through cabinets and closets for various items. We ended up finding Sun-In, lemon juice, and Kool-Aid. Little did we know, though creative, this was a terrible idea. Our hair ended up brassy. At the time I thought I looked good....most likely subconscious stubbornness so that my Mom would not be proven right saying it looked awful. Eventually, I came to the realization that my new do did not look good. After a hair coloring and another round of highlights, I finally got back on track. Lesson learned!
-Sarah, 25

When I was in 5th grade, my friend Gina stayed over at my house and the next morning we were getting ready to go and play a basketball game. She was taking a shower, and I was hanging out in the bathroom talking to her and sat on the toilet just for a place to chill. I didn't realize that my mom had a lit candle on the back of the toilet. (I'm sure you see where this is heading). My hair was quite long-about to the middle of my back-and I smelled this horrible burning smell. Sure enough, my hair went right into the burning candle and the fire completely singed it. My mom cut a good 6 inches off for me that morning. I learned to pay attention to what was behind my head when sitting anywhere from then on!
-Brittany, 29

*Names have been changed. (Someone wants to go into politics!)

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