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No. 12 Hair Perfume
Brand: 12 Benefits
Reason to Love: The scrumdiddlyumptious scent that smells like Willy Wonka created this product. It’s floral, sweet and at a price that’s hard to beat.

Reason to Love: Still waiting on a visit from your fairy godmother to get great hair? Nicknamed “Puff the Magic Powder” in recent promotions, POWDER.PUFF is the fairy dust of hair products. Sprinkle the white dust around your hair (similar to the glitter strokes around Cinderella’s transformation), then scrunch product into roots with fingers and ba-bam - the hair of your dreams. *Prince not necessarily included. Good while supplies last.

Radiant Blue Digital Flat Iron with Titanium Plates
Brand: HOT Tools
Reason to Love: For starters, the electric blue color of this tool sets it apart from the pack. The slim design allows for easy grip and control. I don’t recommend leaving the flat iron on for long periods of time as a usual practice, but I do appreciate the two-hour auto shut-off on the mornings that I play the “Did I unplug my straightener?” game on my way to work.

Reason to Love: Can’t afford a tropical getaway? Me either. I can, however, smell like I’ve just returned from the Aloha state with just a few sprays of HAIR.RESORT. Not only does this product increase your hair’s wave factor, you’re bound to receive a compliment or two about how good you’re smelling.

Cloud 9 Hotshapes Flat Iron and Finishing Spray
Brand: Brocato
Reason to Love: You’ll be on Cloud 9 with your silky smooth hair after using this product. This magic potion not only protects and prevents damage, but dramatically increases shine once heat is applied.

Megan Bero is Editor of The Style Garage. You can find more of her work here.

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