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We gave a thumbs up to the new BEDROOM.HAIR Flexible Texturizing Hairspray by KEVIN.MURPHY. We loved the buildable texture, volume, and body it delivered. It has become a style staple for our hair!

What’s your hair type?

Kayla: Short, medium/fine.

Rachel: Fine, flat blonde hair - shoulder length.

Heather: Lots of thin hair, short with an undercut, color treated.

Erin: Fine, color-treated hair.

Did anything surprise you?

Kayla: Nothing that stuck out to me.

Rachel: I was blown away by the performance of the product. It feels like air coming out of the can but gives my hair a buildable dry, texture, so it's not flat, and it stays until I rewash my hair.

Heather: For me, the initial “stickiness” wore off into a lightweight texture. It does not build up easily.

Erin: I haven't seen many texture products that add shine! I also love the fragrance and how it gives me moldable, buildable texture.

What did this spray do for you?

Kayla: It gave my hair so much texture without weighing it down or feeling sticky. Also had a perfect amount of hold.

Rachel: I'm always trying to get a messy look that stays, but it's been hard to achieve until now. I sprayed BEDROOM.HAIR wherever I needed lift or texture from roots to ends and then twisted and messed up a few pieces with my fingers. My hair had messy body and texture.

Heather: TEXTURE! It’s incredible for style support when I need volume or want to add some wave/curl into my hair.

Erin: It gives a volume and texture boost to my everyday hair, and I say "every day" because I use it every single day.

Who would BEDROOM.HAIR be good for?

Kayla: Anyone with medium/fine hair that is looking for volume and grit to the hair, so it's easier to style. This spray gives the hair that beach, messy look with a matte finish.

Rachel: This product would be good for anyone who needs texture without being weighed down.

Heather: Dare I say anyone who has hair on their head and looking for a lightweight texture spray with a bit of hold? How great is this for updos or style support!?

Erin: Everyone! Seriously, it's the best product to use before you start building your hairstyle, but it can also serve as a finishing product on air-dried or freshly curled hair—and the smell is sweet and light, almost like a fancy cotton candy. I wouldn't pass this product up. It's the real deal.

Would you use it again?

Kayla: YES!!! <3

Rachel: Now I use it every day - it's the product I won't live without!

Heather: This has been an EVERYDAY product for me. I seriously can’t live without it.

Erin: As I said, I use it every day, whether I'm wearing my hair curly or straight!

Use KEVIN.MURPHY'S BEDROOM.HAIR to lock in your clients' curls and waves as you achieve touchable, movable hair while maintaining texture and separation.

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