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We reviewed KEVIN.MURPHY’s RETOUCH.ME Colored Root Coverage Spray to show the versatility of this product on all hair types.

Our three testers were very impressed by how well it covered and matched their hair color. They used the product for a multitude of reasons, making it a new go-to product!

Hair Type

Katie: Coarse, thick, unruly hair. She tested RETOUCH.ME in Dark Brown.
Kayla: Straight, fine/medium, thinning hair due to just having a baby. She tested RETOUCH.ME in Black.
Sally: Fine, thin, straight hair. She tested RETOUCH.ME in Auburn.
Kaleena: Fine, oily, virgin hair. She tested RETOUCH.ME in Light Brown.

What did you know about this product before you used it?

Katie: It covers unwanted root color until your next color service or covers any grey.
Kayla: Touches up color quickly between coloring hair or it’s used to cover greys.
Sally: It blends and covers outgrowth between color services and gives hair texture.
Kaleena: Nothing; I had never heard of it.

Initial reaction?

Katie: You need to shake this very well, or the color won’t come out evenly.
Kayla: It had great coverage using a minimal amount of product to cover my hairline, where I was thinning.
Sally: The package size was handy; you can fit it in a purse. It sprays nicely.
Kaleena: It covered my grey hair! It also can stain your skin, so keep an eye out for overspray on your face.

What does it feel like in your hair?

Katie: It feels a little gritty after it dries, but also makes hair thicker, depending on how many layers you apply.
Kayla: It feels tacky.
Sally: It feels like it has texture and makes my hair fuller.
Kaleena: Hairspray, non-sticky

What did you notice after using it?

Katie: My grey was gone! The color matched my outgrowth perfectly! Just make sure you cover your face when you’re spraying!
Kayla: It covered my thinning area from postpartum hair loss.
Sally: It does not come out in the rain. You need to wash it out with shampoo.
Kaleena: It covered grey and made my thinning areas look full.

Who or what would it be good for?

Katie: Someone who is unsure if they want a full color to cover grey. RETOUCH.ME is a great alternative that does not damage hair!
Kayla: Grey outgrowth, hair loss, someone between color appointments.
Sally: Between color appointments. It blends roots with hair, and it works well if you cannot get a color appointment for a while.
Kaleena: Grey coverage, thinning hair, and it provides a level of hold too. It might work well as hairspray.

Would you use it again?

Katie: Yes!
Kayla: No, it came off on my hands and pillowcase.
Sally: Yes!
Kaleena: Yes!

Use KEVIN.MURPHY RETOUCH.ME to cover grey hair, blend outgrowth between color appointments, or to make hair appear thicker! The color stays until it’s washed out and looks very realistic!

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