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The 3X Phenomenon with Retail Sales


It doesn't matter if you're a salon owner or are an independent artist in a rental salon or suite, selling retail makes good business sense. Here's why:

If you have a new client and you recommend retail products that they purchase at the end of their initial visit, they are 3x more likely to return to the salon a second time. If you sell a client retail and do so on a regular basis, they will tend to remain your client 3x longer.

The reason for this 3x phenomenon is that your customers feel that it's part of your job and the service that you provide to recommend how to keep their hair looking its best at home.

Another scenario - say you provide a service for highlights for a client and you do not educate them about proper home care for those highlights. Your client, not knowing any better, uses whatever shampoo that they have available. If their highlights become brassy because of it, your clients will never blame themselves for their uninformed choice of products. They will instead blame you, thinking that you messed up their highlights.

Exactly how are your customers supposed to know what to use on their hair type, texture or condition if you, the professional, don't take the time to inform them? The solution is actually quite simple. To help protect your customer's investment and encourage the best possible long-term hair health, always recommend proper home care products. These retail recommendations should happen no matter what service they obtain but is an absolute necessity with every chemical procedure such as hair color and texture services. The potential for a hair disaster is much too high in such cases.

And, the best reason for selling retail? Making money! In fact, a salon or independent artist can earn nearly 3x more than that of hair services. Do you see a 3x pattern yet?

So, whether you are offering product from your salon inventory or through your online retail store (or hopefully both), selling retail is very much a no-brainer. You've already helped create the market for these professional products, why not participate in selling them? Not only is it the best for your customer's hair, but it also helps keep them happy and coming back for more.

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