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Rewarding Loyal Customers


Are you looking for a way to reward your loyal salon clients while keeping them clamoring for more? If so, consider a client loyalty program. A reward-oriented program is a great way to thank your most loyal customers and to add incentive for new ones.

Loyalty rewards programs provide your clients with the opportunity to accumulate points for every purchase that they make with your business, whether it's a service or product in the salon or retail sale through your online store. Customers can later redeem these points in your salon for other products or services. It's an excellent way to keep your long-term clients happy while incentivizing them to increase their spending.

When you start a loyalty program, consider these suggestions:

• Make it easy for your clients to enroll in the program and to accumulate points. Consider
automatically enrolling clients, or satisfied customers, so they don't need to opt-in. 

• Be clear about the value of the points and the exchange rate. For example, one reward
point can equal one cent ($0.01) in future redeemable value. That means for every 500 points
accumulated, clients will have $5 in rewards to spend as they wish later. Naturally, you'll want
to address when the rewards can be redeemed, whether or not specific products, salon or spa
services or even gift cards are eligible for the program, and if there is a minimum amount
needed to cash in points.

• Let your clients know how to access their rewards information. Consider sending out regular
client updates, so they know how many points they have earned and how to cash them in.

• Let clients know how they can earn extra points beyond their regular service or product
     Consider offering points for:
     o Referring a friend or family member
     o Purchasing a membership or promotion
     o Pre-booking appointments
     o Using online client scheduling
     o Buying products through your online store
     o Using product reservations
     o Trying a new or specific service or a combination of services
     o Posting a salon review online
     o Donating to salon-supported fundraisers
     o Taking a cancellation appointment or booking on a slower day
     o Reaching a milestone (like being a loyal customer for 5+ years)

• Once you have your loyalty program in place, let others know about it. It would be wise to
notify your loyal, long-term clients first. Thank them for their loyalty and then initiate their
opt-in for rewards. Next, promote the program in your salon, by email, and on social media.

Offering a way in which your clients can earn and cash-in points will promote client loyalty and
reward customers but will also incentivize them to spend more. Imagine's a win/win for

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