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Never flaky or fixed, SESSION.SPRAY FLEX gives life to your locks with a flexibility that allows the hair to flow freely. We reviewed KEVIN.MURPHY SESSION.SPRAY FLEX to see if it was flexible enough for our busy lifestyles and moment-to-moment hairstyles.

What’s your hair type?
Rachel: Fine, color treated
Ashley: Thick, wavy
Ariana: Thick, wavy, and coarse

What did you know about the product before you used it?
Rachel: I knew it was supposed to be a lighter version of regular SESSION.SPRAY, which I had tried before, but that is all.
Ashley: I knew that it was supposed to be somewhat of a medium hairspray.
Ariana: It was a new version of KEVIN.MURPHY SESSION.SPRAY.

Initial reaction?
Rachel: I wasn’t sure if I would like it or not, but I was pleasantly surprised by the smell and hold.
Ashley: I’m not a huge fan of hairspray, so I was hesitant to use a lot of it. However, after I started putting it in, I kept adding a little more because it was so light.
Ariana: Nice spraying, no surprises.

What does it smell like?
Rachel: It was very different from SESSION.SPRAY. It smelled lightly floral and reminded me of a classic perfume.
Ashley: When spraying it, it reminded me of a strong perfume. However, I really liked the smell that it left in my hair later in the day—very soft and subtle.
Ariana: Signature KEVIN.MURPHY scents, floral but kind of masculine.

What did it feel like in your hair?

Rachel: At first it felt a little hard, but after shaking my hair around a little bit, I actually didn’t feel it at all.
Ashley: At first, it seemed like a regular hairspray (sticky, stiff). However, after a little while, I couldn’t feel it in my hair at all.
Ariana: Adds a good texture, not gritty or crunchy.

What did you notice after using it?
Rachel: I caught the scent of it in my hair every now and then, but it wasn’t overpowering; I really liked it. It also held my hairstyle in place.
Ashley: It held my waves very well and gave my hair a lot of volume, which is usually tough to get with thick, heavy hair.
Ariana: I used it to braid my hair and it made the sections stay and piece better.

Who or what would it be good for?
Rachel: Someone who doesn’t like hairspray that’s too heavy or crunchy, but finds “flexible” hairspray too light or without any hold. This is the perfect in-between. It still provides the hold and flexibility you need.
Ashley: I think it’s perfect for someone who wants hold but doesn’t like the feeling of hairspray.
Ariana: Anyone who wants to braid and curl their hair, but still style and touch it.

Have you ever used a texture spray before? How does this one compare?
Rachel: I use KEVIN.MURPHY BEDROOM.HAIR every day, and they are totally different products. FLEX definitely doesn’t give you texture by any means, but it will provide the light hold to your hairstyle.
Ashley: I’ve used BEDROOM.HAIR and a couple of other texture sprays. SESSION.SPRAY FLEX doesn’t give the same texture feeling, but it provides the same amount of volume, plus hold. With texture spray, I can only add so much before it starts to weigh my hair down. With SESSION.SPRAY FLEX, I can keep adding and it doesn’t build up on my hair.
Ariana: Yes, and this one holds up well!

Would you use it again?
Rachel: Absolutely. This is going to replace my current hairspray.
Ashley: Definitely.
Ariana: Yes, definitely!

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