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Why Your Salon Should Sell Retail Online


The salon industry has seen a shift in retail sales over the past several years. That’s because more and more people expect and seek out the convenience of buying their products online. Approximately one-third of all retail sales in the U.S. is currently happening online, and that number is expected to double in just a few short years.

Many retail giants have actively pursued consumers and have effectively cut the salon out of the sale of professional products. Others offer a small commission in exchange for access to your clientele. Amazon, for example, has a deal where your clients can buy with them through a link on your salon website. The salon can earn commission on the first sale; however, it’s highly unlikely that your client will go back to your website to re-order, which cuts you out of the deal for later purchases. And do you think any large retailer is going to worry about your salon and your commissions when they can go directly to your client to take the entire sale? Think again!

It’s Time to Take Back the Sale

As your distributor, we have a vested interest in your business and will do everything in our power to help you and your salon successfully sell retail. That’s why we’ve partnered with SalonInteractive – an eCommerce platform for the professional beauty industry.

With SalonInteractive, you can encourage your clients to “shop local” through your salon’s own custom-branded online retail store. Your store will provide a trusted and convenient shopping experience your clients and will help bring professional brands back to the salon where they belong.

By simply offering a SalonInteractive custom-branded online retail store, your salon can:

  • Offer convenience and better serve your clients.
  • Gain client loyalty by offering the products they love from a trusted source.
  • Take back the sale from big online retailers - keeping professional products truly professional.
  • Help clients who are already making purchases online buy through you instead.
  • Help customers support the #ShopLocal movement.
  • Have a backup plan in place in case you’re ever out of stock on a product.
  • Offer specialty products that the salon would otherwise not stock.
  • Offer other brands besides what’s carried in the salon. 
  • Sell retail when you otherwise thought it was not possible.
  • Make extra money, even without carrying inventory.
  • Earn commission and increase your salon’s bottom line.

Create your own custom-branded online retail store with SalonInteractive!

How it Works

1. Create your account

It just takes a few minutes and five easy steps to start selling online. Simply sign up, add your local distributor and your account number, add the brands you’d like to offer, input and confirm your bank information for commissions, and create a link to your new store. Bam! You’re ready to start selling online!

2. Direct your client to your online store

Grab the link to your store and share away! Add it to your business website, shout it out on social media, display it in your salon or spa, and include it on every correspondence. You can even do a FREE one-time mass email to share the exciting news!

3. We’ve got the rest

With SalonInteractive you can offer professional products to your customers without having to carry any inventory. They simply order from your online store when it’s convenient for them, and the product is delivered from our warehouse to the comfort of your client’s home. It’s that easy!

So, are you ready to take back the sale and start selling online? Sign up now!

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