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How to Turn Client Conversation into Sales


Retail sales can translate into profit for salons and additional income for hairdressers. However, what many salon professionals don’t understand is that the seed of a sale is planted well before the client checks out. It’s not a lastminute thought to try and make a sale. It's actually a perpetual conversation with a client about their hair care and styling needs and how the products the salon offers can help them with their needs.

Make the Recommendation
As a salon professional it’s to your benefit to sell retail but not just for the commission. Here’s what we mean; if your client decides to care for their new hair color by shampooing with an inexpensive consumer brand and their highlights go brassy, who is to blame? If you didn’t recommend the appropriate products to your client for their after color care, that brassy result is entirely your fault. You are the expert, after all, and should have told your client how to best care for their color. The reality is that your clients truly need your expert advice and are looking to you to offer it. That's why you should always create a customized recommendation for the proper products for their hair as part of your service. And to do it for every client, no matter what. Think of it as your prescription for their hair care needs based on their hair type and condition. No one else is better suited to make that recommendation, so step up. Besides, when a client buys the correct home care products from you, they are much more likely to stay loyal to you and the salon in the long run.

Educate Yourself
To become a great retailer, teach yourself about the various products that your salon has to offer. Set aside time to read each brand’s product information, scan the labels of the bottles, test every product on a head of hair, and then make a note of their performance for later. This tactic will allow you to make proper recommendations for the best possible hair care for each client.

Start a Conversation
The process of selling retail starts when your client sits down in your chair. Begin a conversion during the consultation and carry it throughout their service, that way you can gain their trust while determining their hair care and styling needs. It’s important to learn about your client and their needs versus to make assumptions. Also, look to educate them versus sell them. Genuinely make an effort to get to know your client, their lifestyle, their hair and how it behaves, and any issues they may be having when styling at home. Ask clients to explain their specific hair care needs and what they feel might be essential when it comes to product performance. What you learn from them in this conversation may help unveil what could prompt your client to make a purchase at some point. Take the time to offer styling techniques, hair care tips, and recommend products and tools to help solve any hair issues your client may have. Give details and show them what you are doing when you style their hair and offer ways that they can do the same thing at home. You can even help your client by placing the same products and tools in their shopping cart within your salon’s online store. Just remember to talk about the benefits of using high-quality products on their hair and why it’s essential for them to purchase their products from a trusted source….you! Now that you’ve freely offered your client hair care and styling advice and outlined what products to get, it will be considerably easier to prompt them to make a purchase. Typically, a gentle reminder at checkout will do it. When clients do ultimately make a purchase, thank them for shopping locally and supporting your small business. A little appreciation really can go a very long way.

In addition to everything that you do in the salon, use customized email reminders to prompt clients to re-purchase the products or to make product suggestions based on their recent services. Make it as simple as possible for your clients to reserve products for their next appointment or purchase online by including a link to your salon's custom-branded online retail store. Just remember that the power of suggestion from a trusted source can be a very useful sales tool. Learn to use it and use it wisely!

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