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Retail Merchandising Ideas for Your Salon or Spa


Product Merchandising

Merchandising is about promoting products by displaying them in retail outlets. With professional beauty products, the retail outlet is the salon or spa.

When it comes to showcasing the products that your salon or spa retails, it's best to keep things simple. To start, you want realistic display solutions that work with your salon or spa's decor. Go for ample shelf space to hold as much product as possible, but that is accessible for customers and easy for your team to stock and clean.

Neatness Counts

Start with adequate lighting in your retail area so clients can read the labels and decide what product they want to purchase. Line products up uniformly with the labels facing forward. Stack smaller jars or boxes on top of each other to take up less space but not so high that clients knock things over when they reach for products. If inventory runs low, get creative and produce mini pyramids of smaller products or even stagger bottles to create the illusion of fuller shelves. Regardless, take pride in your retail area and keep your shelves neatly stocked and looking inviting to your guests. Also, straighten up daily and dust products and shelving regularly.

Point of Purchase

Most brands offer marketing materials such as shelf talkers, tent cards, and displays, which you can acquire by simply asking. Shelf talkers are small product information labels that sit on the edge of shelving in front of a row of product bottles, jars, or boxes. They include the name of the product and a brief description - both designed to help clients easily identify the products they need. These same manufacturers may also offer tent cards that announce new or featured products, or other countertop displays that can help grab attention and improve sales.
If you're not able to access manufacturer support materials, consider designing your own. Work with a graphic designer to come up with reusable templates. Access any needed product information from each brand's website and craft artwork that works for your needs. In such cases, look into purchasing shelf label holders so you can add in the artwork and replace it as often as desired. There are several types of shelf-talkers, including ones that clip onto the edge of shelving.

For tent cards or front desk displays, invest in a few acrylic sign holders that let you change the content often. Ask your salon distributor to provide information about new products or promoted items. Also, look into featuring seasonal products such as clarifying treatments or UV protection products in the summer or deep moisturizing treatments in the dryer winter months. You can even create your own promotion, such as "Curl Care Month" by highlighting curl-enhancing products. Figure out what your clientele wants or needs, come up with your own promotions, and change them out often.

Your clients expect you to tell them about new products or existing ones that would be ideal for them. Step up and inform them in unique and exciting ways. Your front desk is perfect for showcasing featured products and announcing new launches.

Order Matters

Some brands have specific merchandising guidelines for displays with their products. For example, one brand may have a line dedicated to volumizing. In such a case, the company may want their products to display across a shelf starting with their volumizing shampoo on the left, followed by a matching conditioner and then ending after several products with finishing spray. This is a merchandising tactic known as vertical marketing, which displays the entire care solution for a specific hair type together. This method is used instead of having product types broken up with all shampoos in one area, conditioners in another, etc. Of course, it's best to display products for your specific clientele and how they like to shop. However, vertical marketing is solution-based and can be helpful when recommending products for particular hair types and conditions. The idea is that the client is more likely to buy other volume-related products if they are grouped in one area.

Keeping Interest

Help your clients remain interested in the products that you sell by creating an interesting and always-changing retail environment. Your main shelving area should stay consistent that way your customers know where to find the products and tools they want. However, you may want to dedicate a shelf or other space in the salon to a display that you can switch out often. Consider a simple presentation that highlights a single product, a line of products, or even a seasonal favorite offer enjoyable browsing for customers. If you have the room, use a small table that works with your salon decor and create a unique display that is changed every few weeks. You want to update your displays as often as your average client returns. For example, if you have a majority of hair color or male clients, they may return every 3-4 weeks, so make an effort to update that often. Also, during check-in and check-out, be sure to take advantage of the client's line of sight behind your front desk using an eye-catching display.

If you don't have enough physical space to create a product display, consider livening up the environment with season decoration. Celebrate holidays, the changing seasons, even local events by using decorations, props, or designing artwork. The beauty with custom artwork is that you can use it for advertising your promotions, and highlight the event onto social media, in your salon newsletter or elsewhere in the salon.
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