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Grow Your Retail Business With Beauty Connection From The Style Garage


Retail sales have become more critical than ever, and clients want more accessibility to their favorite products. That’s why we’ve started Beauty Connection—a new retail program that gives stylists a better way to get retail products into the hands of their clients.

What is Beauty Connection?

Beauty Connection is a new way to sell salon products that breaks down the barriers associated with the traditional salon-only purchase model, making selling retail more effortless than ever.

Think of Beauty Connection as sort of a back door for clients; stylists who opt into the program give select clients exclusive access to retail products at The Style Garage both online and in-store with a unique code.

Salon owners and stylists love it because it doesn’t restrict buying to salon hours and in-person selling. Plus, there is no required inventory and no limits, so there is zero hassle.

Clients love the program because they can get the products they want whenever they want without stopping into the salon.

How Beauty Connection Works

Stylists pay a one-time program entry fee of $45. Beauty Connection gives stylists who opt into the program 250 business cards that they can pass on to clients at their discretion. The client then uses that card to gain access to all retail products at The Style Garage.

Program members are fully supported with an array of marketing materials and free promotion; in addition to the 250 personalized business cards (with salon logo), Beauty Connection provides the following assets:

1 Door Cling
2 Mirror Clings
Social media posts for your Facebook and Instagram
Clients gain access to The Style Garage store or Beauty Connection eCommerce site.
$10 Stylist Rebate for use in-store or at upon receipt of cards
E-blasts, social ads, and other direct promotional campaigns to clients each month

Stylists receive a 25% commission on all product sales made through the program—commission earnings issued at the beginning of each qualifying month or 60 days from client purchase.

Getting Started With Beauty Connection

Getting started with Beauty Connection is super simple. Visit Beauty Connection or call (906) 424-4300 to become a member today!


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