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Down to Business

Are You Dis-Servicing Your Clients?


In any service industry, one of the worst things you can do is to dis-service your clients. In the professional salon and spa industry, letting your clients leave empty-handed after their appointment is the true definition of disservice. Allowing them to walk away without any attempt to educate them about the products they need to keep up the service or treatment that they just received, is also unforgivable.

The hard reality is that, as a salon or spa professional, it's your job and part of the service you offer to make such recommendations. It's up to you to engage your customers in a conversation about their at-home care. For example, for every hair color client, there's color care, for each texture service or facial, there's maintenance needed, and for every set of lashes, nails, or hair extensions, there's an opportunity to recommend the right products to protect your client's investment. If somehow you are not taking this opportunity, you are absolutely dis-servicing your clients not to mention jeopardizing the longevity of the service you just performed.

Naturally, you do want to make a sale; however, the act of product recommendation isn't really about the purchase. It's about offering the best possible advice to each client based on their specific needs. For example, if a client's new hair color fades quickly or their skin becomes dry and flakey, they will blame you, their hairstylist, colorist, or aesthetician, not their own lack of proper care at home. Think of it as a prescription - imagine your doctor charging for an office visit but not prescribing the antibiotic to fight your infection. They may give you an injection to start the treatment, but without a prescription, what's the point of the office visit other than a temporary fix?

There's also the business side to think about. Retail sales do mean potential profit to the salon or spa, and some of those profits can go for benefits for service providers. In commission salons and spas, gains can translate into better benefits, employee rewards, and continuing education. For booth or suite renters, it can mean keeping rent from increasing, and for solo artists, it could be the opportunity to make a few extra dollars.

So, protect your client's investment and the longevity of your work by making the right product recommendations. And, follow through by pulling these products from your inventory at checkout or adding them to your client's shopping cart through your salon or spa's online store. That way you can keep the sale with your salon or spa and not some other retailer.

So, are you dis-servicing your clients?

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