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Online Retail as an Add-on Service


You may already excel at selling retail from your salon's inventory of hair care products and tools. Your team may never miss a beat when it comes to recommending and selling products to clients, and your receptionist may be the ultimate professional with followthrough when the customer checks out. To top it off, most of your clientele walk away from their appointment with product and come back time and again for more. Great work - you and your team should be very proud!

As impressive as everything above is, the reality is that your salon is still missing out on sales. That's right - some of your clientele are online shopping when it suits them, having products you could have sold them delivered to their doorstep from some other retailer. And if you think that big-name retailer won't try to swipe your client for good, you're wrong.

Here's the hard truth: consumers are shopping online in numbers that are growing every year. For 2019, global online retail (e-commerce) transaction volume was estimated to reach $2.4 trillion, or about 33% of the overall retail commerce. That amount is calculated to reach $4.88 trillion in 2021 and $5.8 trillion by the year 2022. In case it's not apparent, people want to shop online, and that includes beauty products. 4 E-Commerce Trends to Watch for in 2018.

Here's the reality of it all - for clients who can and do shop online, they will do so with or without you. Since they seek the convenience of buying online, why not give them the opportunity to shop with you instead? It might also surprise you how many of your clients who normally make purchases at your salon are secretly longing for a more convenient way to shop. Don't be fooled - they can and will look elsewhere, and eventually, you risk losing them to an online retailer. Get ahead of the inevitable and be ready with your own online store. That way you can keep the sale with your salon instead.

Are you worried about all of the products you already have in stock? Keep selling to clients who want to purchase after an appointment, as you always have. Your online store is not intended to replace your in-salon sales efforts - it's meant to offset it. Think of it as an add-on service - that gloss treatment over the top of a client's highlights or a deep treatment that adds value to your client's regular services. After all, when have add-ons ever failed for you? You can gain client trust, appreciation, and loyalty, not to mention a few more dollars in your bank account!

So, are you ready to offer your clients online shopping as an add-on service? Set up your online store now.

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