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Hello, Sunshine: Pastel Season is Here


Light pink, sunset orange, and robin’s egg blue: here’s a look at how to achieve this season’s sweetest palette when it comes to your color-going clients.

Let’s Lighten


The first step in achieving pastel hair is a lightening process. Creating a pastel look is more challenging than dyeing your hair a natural color or bright shade like magenta or red. Because pastel hair needs to start with a light base, it is often easiest to attain a pastel look on virgin hair, but this doesn’t mean that those with previously dyed hair cannot get this trendy look. 

When it comes to a lightening process, you’ll want to make sure you talk to your clients about the reality of the situation. The darker their hair, the longer the lightening process will take. It may take more than one session. Depending on what your client is used to, pastel hair can be more expensive than their usual salon routine. And for those that have dyed their hair bright and dark shades time and time again, it may not be the healthiest decision to choose this particular aesthetic. Be sure to make a plan with your clients about what to do in the event that pastel isn’t going to work out if their hair can’t lift to a pale yellow or is too damaged to do so. Just because they might not be able to get cotton candy pink or fresh spring lilac doesn’t mean they can’t go for a beautiful color that elicits the same bright feelings of spring. 

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Time to Tone


Depending on your canvas, toning is often necessary for your pastel creation. Remember the color wheel–if your client is going from a cool tone to a warm tone, move towards a rose-gold toner. If they’re going from a warm color to a fresh, sea-foam green, pick a toner that will help you neutralize that pinky-red shade that is oh-so determined to stick around.

Stock yourselves with a good collection of toners so you’ll be ready for any and every pastel color request. 

Creating your Color


Now, for the fun part. With the lightening and toning process complete, it's time to let your coloring skills do the work. 

Whether your client is looking for a single, show-stopping pastel color or a mix of beautiful shades straight out of a candy store or easter-egg basket, the coloring process is going to be the most rewarding part of this journey for you and your client. 

Don’t forget to carry that excitement into styling, too. It’s all about making your client feel confident. Pastels are a soft, elegant, and most of all, fun, way to achieve just that.

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Maintaining the Mane


Of course, we know that keeping color bright and fresh doesn’t start and end at the salon. Pastel shades tend to fade a lot faster than other colors. You’ll want to send your client home with the right shampoo and conditioner to maintain their look for as long as possible. Through the spring months, be sure to schedule appointments to refresh a little more regularly than you might with a dark, or even vibrant, shade.

So hop to it, the beauty of spring is waiting!

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