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Easy Salon Retail Sales


There are many reasons for selling hair care and styling products to your clients. Offering an array of professional products allows you to recommend the best possible product for your client's hair. It helps protect their hair health and color investment and keeps their most prized accessory looking its absolute best. Of course, there is also the money side: the opportunity to make a profit. Unfortunately, most salon pros are so completely intimidated by the idea of having to "sell" that they miss out on the opportunity altogether.

The truth is that you do not have to have a background in sales in order to prescribe products to your clients. The process is not about pushing patrons into buying anything, needed or not. It's about educating clients about how to care for their hair and letting them know how you would suggest that they do so.

When it comes to selling retail, these six suggestions will help you prescribe products and tools without really “selling:”

1. Recommend only the products and tools that you genuinely believe in. Find and stand behind only the brands that you trust as a professional.

2. Offer your expertise - give your best advice to clients based on their specific needs. Take the time to thoroughly explain to your customers what they need, how to use it, and why it's the best solution for them.

3. If possible, offer free samples. It's always great to try a product before committing to a purchase. If a client likes it after sampling, they’re much more likely to buy it in the future and try similar products from that same brand.

4. Talk with your clients about their investment in their hair and how using recommended professional products will extend the life of the service or treatment they just received.

5. If your client mentions that they can get cheaper products that are “just as good” at the drugstore, tell them the difference. Explain that professional products use higher quality ingredients than non-professional products and that they are typically more concentrated. A higher concentration means using less product each time, which makes the investment go that much further.

6. Make it easy for your clients to purchase products from you. In addition to any products that your salon carries, also offer the same lines or more through your own custom-branded online store. Since clients like to shop online, why not make it easy for them to do so from you – their most trusted source!

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