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How to be a Prom-Day Prepper


Smell can trigger memories, create moods and evoke feelings. The smell of a carnation or Axe body spray conjures up memories of prom for some people. For me, nothing brings back the nostalgia of prom night like a cloud of hairspray.

Memories of prom are made long before hitting the dance floor. From promposals to dress shopping to an afternoon at the salon, these moments make up the prom experience. Many young people make salon appointments over a month in advance. To ensure that their salon memories are positive, it’s important to have excellent, long-lasting products that hold their style all evening long.

KEVIN.MURPHY products work with you. SESSION.SPRAY styling resins create intense hold and memory. This hairspray can be layered on the hair so you can customize whether each client needs a little or a lot of hold. With SESSION. SPRAY, a brush is able to pass through the hair with no flakiness. The travel-size versions are great for spring break vacationers, too!

Unlike texture-specific products, all three SPRAY. VOYAGE products are suitable for any hair type, giving stylists the ability to use them on any client. DOO.OVER is a volume-inducing product, perfect for teasing or making clean hair “dirty” for updos.

Remember that during this time of year, you’ll be booking more formal hair appointments than usual. Booking more appointments means more supplies: don’t be caught short on supply of essential styling products and bobby pins. Lots and lots of bobby pins.

While other stylists are fighting over the last can of hairspray, you’ll relax knowing your clients are covered. OK, maybe not relax, but you’ll be able to use your spare moments between clients to eat instead of going on a product run.

Being prepared equals big savings! Even if you have extra product after prom, wedding season is right around the corner.

If you’re looking for a curling iron or flat iron to last through all those appointments, don’t miss our new selection of HOT Tools.

Megan Bero is Editor of The Style Garage. You can find more of her work here.

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