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3 Benefits From The Style Garage’s New Recycled Packaging Program


Cardboard piles up fast around the warehouse, and it piles up even more quickly in the salon. To cut down on the amount of waste that stylists need to throw away, we’ve switched to recycled cardboard for our packing material. Learn more about The Style Garage initiative below.

It’s Efficient

To make shipments faster, we looked at a way to recycle our existing cardboard in-house and incorporate that into our packaging materials. The HSM ProfiPack Cardboard Perforator repurposes the boxes we have coming in and gives us an almost unlimited supply of perforated sheets to pack the orders going out.

It’s Eco-Friendly

What we’re trying to do is cut down on the items that salons and stylists have to throw away once they receive their package, making our process easier on the environment. Our new recycled cardboard packaging means a more eco-friendly shipment for the salon, where all the perforated cardboard in the box is 100% recyclable.

By repurposing the cardboard, we eliminated a dumpster—and multiple trips outside. Plus, we saved the cost of a monthly service fee for trash pick up and the energy required to transport our materials each month.

It’s Effective

Since we have plenty of cardboard, we have plenty of packaging material. We’re able to flex, bend, and customize the amount of packing material in the boxes, which means more protected shipments. The flexible netting is an excellent shock absorber as well, which means fewer damages to hair products.

Any question on shipments can be directed to Brian Nutter, Warehouse Supervisor, at [email protected]. To learn more about how our cardboard perforator works, watch our video:

Order online at The Style Garage to see our new cardboard packing material in action. Log in or register to start shopping.

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