May/June 2022 Magazine

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We tested out and reviewed KEVIN.MURPHY’s new COLOURING.ANGELS, the newest product to hit shelves at The Style Garage.


Do you feel the color distributed evenly?

Kacy: Yes, I had a very slight color change.
Erin: The shampoo was more liquid than my normal conditioner, so it distributed evenly, but the grey-purple tint wasn’t concentrated enough to impart a different color (or shine) onto my hair.
Rachel: Yes
Tori: Yes

Have you ever used a Color Rinse/Toning Shampoo or Temporary Wash-In Color before? If so, which brand and how did it compare to the KEVIN.MURPHY  COLOURING.ANGELS?

Kacy: No.
Erin: Yes, I’ve used the KEVIN.MURPHY BLONDE.ANGEL Treatment. The COLOURING.ANGEL I had, however, was more of a glossing treatment in particular than a toner, so it can be used whether your hair is brown, black, or in my case, blue.
Rachel: Yes, I’ve used privé & Loma. I felt this one was lighter in toning than either of those.
Tori: No

What did you expect from this product before you used it?

Kacy: I expected a rose gold tint to the hair.
Erin: I expected it almost to act like a hair mask and glossing treatment in one.
Rachel: I thought it would be more pigmented.
Tori: I wanted it to bring out my natural colors and make my hair feel awesome.

What did you like about his product after using it?

Kacy: I loved the smell and how soft it made my hair! It felt so good when rinsing!
Erin: I liked how smooth it made my hair after washing it out. It definitely gives the same slippery feeling to the hair as a hair mask would. However, it did make my hair significantly more greasy, so I had to wash it after two days instead of my normal four days with my blue hair.
Rachel: The smell was the best!
Tori: It smelled great and I could tell it added moisture when I started brushing.

Do you feel this product does what it promises? Explain.

Kacy: I didn’t notice a shade/tint at all.
Erin: It made my hair shinier and allowed me to use less product when blow-drying, since it was already so smooth. I didn’t even need a smoothing cream.
Rachel: I want to try again when hair grows out. It looked like it treated my virgin hair much different than my color-treated hair.
Tori: I did notice that my hair color was way more “vibrant.”

Would you use this product again?

Kacy: No.
Erin: Yes, I think it’s a great mask/gloss treatment in one.
Rachel: Yes.
Tori: Yes

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