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2021 Recap - Favorite Trending Hairstyles from the Past Year


2021 was a year of big changes and even bolder looks. We repaired our quarantine cuts, tried different styles, dyed our hair, made the big chop, and dyed our hair again. It’s hard to keep track of just how many new styles clients were asking for, and stylists were providing this year. So here’s a look at just some of our favorite trending hairstyles from 2021 as we get ready for another twelves months of show-stopping looks. 


Wolf Cut


Remember the beginning of the year when everyone was chopping their hair off for the ‘gram? Well, it actually worked out beautifully. Call it a wolf cut, a shag, a unicorn cut, or a lob– this hairstyle takes the cake as the most iconic cut of 2021. 


Vibrant Hair


2021 was in need of a pop of brightness, and hair stylists took that literally. We loved that colorists and clients alike embraced head-turning colors and adventurous tones this season. 


Natural Curls 


Year two of the roaring 2020s was for embracing all-natural curls. So whether you kept it long or styled it short, curly girls were here to serve. 


Blow Out 


Can you call it retro if it never goes out of style? 70s blowouts made a comeback in 2021, and we could not be more grateful for this blast from the past. 


Curtain Bangs

A different style of bangs tends to find its way onto the trending page every year, and in 2021, that style was curtain bangs. Seriously. Who do you know that didn’t rock curtain bangs this year?




Half blonde half black, a pop of hot pink in the front, or a classy stripe of gray, two tones styles, in one form or another, we’re here for every age and every aesthetic. 


French Bob


This Parisian look was carefree and sophisticated all at once. A newer take on the classic bob, we hope this style sticks around. 

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