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Blondes (with Healthy Hair) Have More Fun


The summer months mean more clients seeking out lighter blondes, brighter highlights, and bolder looks. It’s a fun season for everyone—what stylist doesn’t love to switch things up and playing with new products? Unfortunately, it just so happens that the summer also offers more opportunities for damage. Yes, blondes might have more fun...but not when sun exposure, dryness, and chlorine are in the picture.

There are countless ways to ensure that color-treated hair stays healthy—here are a few of our best tips to help you give your blonde beach babes that summer sparkle they deserve.

Take Your Time

Sometimes, clients come in wanting a bold change on the spot. For trendy cuts? You have them covered. However, if they’re looking to move towards a bright blonde in one appointment, that’s a whole different story.

A healthy blonde takes time. It’s important that your clients know they will need to come in for multiple sessions to achieve their ideal look. So at the beginning of the summer, sit down with them and walk through the lightening process—being sure to plan for significant breaks between sessions.

It’s a smooth transition, not a jump-cut. And lighteners and developers by Aloxxi, Beth Minardi, and more are here to help you on your journey.

Be Aware of Processing Time

Speaking of lightening tips—be aware of processing times.

When lightening, roots go last—as always. In addition, color-treated hair (especially box dye) may take more time to lift. And as for virgin hair? Processing time is speedy, thanks to the minimal amount of damage and treatment the hair has undergone in the past. All of these things come into play when making sure that your client goes blonde in the healthiest way possible.

The Color Wheel

Using the right toner is everything.

Whether your client wants to go cool for the summer or would instead sport some sandy highlights, use the color wheel to help achieve the tone you’re looking for. Too red? Go green. Too orange? Time for blue. The list goes on.

Protective Measures Are Key

Of course, when it comes to maintaining healthy blonde hair, protective measures are perhaps the most important.

Look out for products that will hydrate, nourish, and protect when stocking your salon or workstation for the summer. Some of our favorites include InSight and LOMA duos, and KEVIN.MURPHY.’s HYDRATE-ME line.

As for styling products, heat protection and smoothing products, as well as leave-ins, are a blonde’s best friend. An excellent option for your chair is Brocato’s Saturate Hydrating Leave-In Treatment, essential for detangling, nourishing, and providing a glossy sheen after rinsing at lightening appointments.

Trim Trim Trim!

Regular trims are crucial for hair health—especially in the dead of summer and especially with blonde hair.

Even if your client is on a mission to grow out their locks, remember—trimming actually promotes hair growth!

After-Care Essentials

While using the right products in a salon is a staple for blonde bombshell, sending your client home with the proper after-care is just as important.

Suggest using a good shampoo and conditioner, such as ELEVEN Australia’s Keep My Colour Blonde products. Additionally, see to it that they know to use heat defense for blow-drying or using any kind of hot tool.

Summer Warnings

And last but not least, give your clients special tips for keeping their hair healthy all summer long.

Remind them to protect their hair from sunlight, use a leave-in when going to the beach or other outdoor activities, avoid chlorine and hard water if at all possible, making sure to cleanse hair thoroughly after a pool day, and not to use home lightening product like Sun-In.

Blondes really do have more fun when they follow these simple steps. Stock up on your blonding essentials at The Style Garage Online Shop!

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