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Faster Haircuts and Happier Clients: An Interview With Kuschelbär Creator Jeff Chastain


The Kuschelbär hair and beard straightener is a crucial differentiator from other salons that will attract and keep male clientele. In one way, it gives clients a style they can only get at the salon, and it also cuts down on styling time to get more haircuts done throughout the day.

Watch Jeff Chastain, Kuschelbär Creator and Salon Owner of Jeff Chastain Parlor in New York, smooth and straighten his beard and hair in under two minutes.

This fall, The Style Garage is partnering with Chastain to offer free shipping on a purchase of the Kuschelbär with the code NOSHAVE. Stylists can log in or register at The Style Garage, add the Kuschelbär to their cart, along with our code, and be well on their way to better beards and hair for their male clientele.

We sat down with Chastain to get more information on how to use the Kuschelbär, how stylists can market the product to their customers, and what’s next for this product that’s shaking up the hair and barbering world.

First things first, what does Kuschelbär mean?

“Kuschelbär means ‘cuddle bear’ or ‘teddy bear’ in German.”

What are the most crucial tips for using the Kuschelbär?

1. Don’t be afraid to push into the skin.
2. Brush firm and slow for a straighter beard.
3. For a softer (but not straighter) beard, brush through faster.
4. Hold the button for three seconds to turn on.
5. Don’t forget to save the cleaning brush included in the box.

How do you recommend beard straightening on different hair types?

For beards 1/2-inch to 3/4-inch, remember to brush firm and slow. Cradle the beard into your hand and into the skin for a look that’s more flat. It will take away puffiness from the sideburn area.

For beards 3/4-inch or longer, pull the hair down to allow the Kuschelbär to run through and get a lot of extra length.

For coarse, wiry beards, put on a paste and wax beforehand, and you’ll see better results.

For hair, men who have 3/4-inches or longer will see the best results—sort of a Mad Men look. Coarse, curly hair can be softened into waves with the Kuschelbär.

How do you disinfect the Kuschelbär?

Use a clipper spray for salon use. For the client at home, use alcohol wipes or a Q-Tip with alcohol.

Thank you! Let’s talk concept, now that we’ve learned how to use the Kuschelbär best. How did the idea for the Kuschelbär begin?

“I used to blow-dry beards with a small round brush, and I couldn’t find anything to get the result I wanted. There was nothing, and I had looked for years.”

Four years ago, he cold-called a manufacturer and asked if they could help. He came up with the design himself, which the company turned into a 3D render. Two years ago, the prototype was developed.

“All my haircut money had to be funneled into getting this prototype.”

With tweaks done after some customer feedback, the Kuschelbär launched in March 2018 at Barbercon in New York and sold out both days on the floor.

When the straightener launched last year, most purchases were gifts for friends or relatives. Now that 35,000 units have been sold, Chastain said that men have started buying it for themselves.

“This year, it was mostly guys that bought it.”

The instant gratification people get when using the Kuschelbär has to play into its success. How should stylists capitalize on this to sell to consumers?

“Demoing it helps a lot because men aren’t used to heat styling. I’ll do one side, and they’ll do the other side, so they can see how easy it is. I’ll have them touch their faces and see how soft it is.”

A lot of women like the beard bar. “My male clients will say things like ‘My girlfriend loves that my beard’s actually soft now.’”

For some men, the Kuschelbär is an encouragement to grow facial hair out longer—they can have a beard and still look professional.

How does the Kuschelbär help stylists behind the chair?

“Customers are happy because they can walk out faster. Now, I can spend 20 to 30 seconds of brushing through with the Kuschelbär, and that’s it. Professionally, it allows more time to fit in another customer.”

For clients to see the transformation, they need to be introduced, even if it’s not at the salon. What channels should stylists use to promote the Kuschelbär?

“Facebook and Instagram. In the beginning, my videos were a lot bigger because people hadn’t seen that. I started getting a ton of followers on Instagram from that.”

What’s the future of the Kuschelbär?

“I just launched Kuschelbär Pro-Edition with three temperatures (including a temperature that’s 25 degrees hotter for barbers), and a longer 9-foot cord for salons and barbershops.”

What’s the most popular beard now?

“The Jason Momoa beard, it’s a light beard and it’s long.”

Keep beards maintained and under control with this new hair and beard straightening brush. Log in or register at The Style Garage to get free shipping on a Kuschelbär purchase with code NOSHAVE this November only.

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