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KEVIN.MURPHY "Skinification" In Haircare


As sentiment increases for self-care, exercise and nourishing our bodies from the inside out, so does the importance of skin and hair care. Consumers are actually reading labels and looking for a more familiar approach when devising hair routines — ones that mimic skincare — which has lead us to the “skinification” of haircare. From its inception, KEVIN.MURPHY has always borrowed ingredients and practices from skincare, specifically developing our brand with a focus on “Skincare for your Hair.” Below we dive into this and what the “skinification” of haircare means for your regimen.

What Is “Skinification”?

Skinification in haircare refers to a focus on the ingredients in haircare while implementing the same strategies skincare experts swear by. Therefore, to create a healthy hairstyle, it has become imperative to also improve the health and function of the scalp.

Why Is This Important?

Just like your face, the scalp requires a gentle balance of exfoliating, cleansing and moisturizing to ensure proper function. When dealing with issues like hair loss, dandruff or irritation, it’s not the hair you’re dealing with — you’ve got to treat the underlying issues at the scalp level, a routine most overlook.

How To Incorporate Skinification Into Your Routine

Just like your 7-step skincare routine, haircare has also been upgraded. Coming a long way from simple wash and rinse regimens, consider adding a multi-step haircare routine at least once a week that includes exfoliation, cleansing, hydration, priming and protecting your scalp and strands.

What We Suggest:


Similar to your skin, exfoliating at least once a week helps slough off dead skin cells and remove product buildup. To perfectly prime your scalp, start with SCALP.SPA SCRUB — a gently exfoliating treatment that dissolves impurities without stripping the skin of essential oils. Then, follow with SCALP.SPA WASH to cleanse and moisturize strands with the help of Celery Seed Extract, Rose Water and Micellar Water.


Once you’ve scrubbed and sudsed buildup away, begin your normal WASH routine with your favorite KEVIN.MURPHY WASH. *Click Here to take KEVIN.MURPHY's Product Matchmaker quiz if you haven’t found yours yet.


Like all great skincare routines, it is all about adding moisture for a glowy finish. After exfoliating and cleansing, follow with a RINSE or enhance your weekly treatment with the addition of a MASQUE — ANGEL.MASQUEHYDRATE ME.MASQUE and YOUNG.AGAIN.MASQUE are just a few of our favorites. Packed with various butters, oils and extracts, each is designed to deeply restore, condition and hydrate.


Prime & Protect:

The ending of every great routine has a focus on priming and protection from the elements. After allowing your MASQUE of choice to work its magic, rinse and follow with a leave-in + styler combo based on your desired finish.

Rich in Vitamin C (a go-to among skincare gurus) STAYING.ALIVE is packed with antioxidants to seal in moisture, enhance shine, and smooth strands prior to styling, making it the perfect primer. Then, to protect, first determine whether you’ll be using heat to style and choose accordingly. For heat protection, HEATED.DEFENSE is a natural choice to preserve the integrity of hair when using hot tools. Whether heat or air-drying, finish your look with SHIMMER.SHINE or SHIMMER.ME BLONDE. The ultimate product for skinification — this treatment styler is formulated with light-reflecting technology, found in high-end skincare products, to boost colour, dimension, manageability and shine!


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